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When should I seek therapy for my child?

As a parent, you are your child’s biggest support. You are the one who understands your child’s wants, needs, fears, and talents. There may be moments in life when, as a parent, you feel as like you no longer have all of the answers to your child’s challenges, and need to seek extra support from a therapist.

Everyone’s experience is different, and there are a variety of reasons to consider therapy for your child. Some of them are as follows:

  • Your child has shown a sudden behavioral change

  • Your child seems scared, sad or hopeless more than usual

  • Your child has many fears, seems anxious or worried

  • Your child is often withdrawn or does not want to interact with family or friends

  • Your child is often defiant, disruptive, or aggressive to others

  • Your child has difficulty concentrating, is overly active, or impulsive

  • Your child is having issues with teachers, peers, or academics in school

  • Your child has been bullied by peers

  • Your child is often clingy, has difficulty separating from you, and/or going to school

  • Your child is having frequent nightmares, bedwetting, or difficulty sleeping in their own bed 

  • Your child has frequent tantrums, seems angry, or irritable

  • Your child has experienced a significant loss or change in the family structure

  • Your child has experienced a traumatic event

  • Your child is having a hard time adjusting to a life transition

  • Your child has regressed or is having difficulties in their daily functioning and habits (sleeping, eating, toilet training)

  • Your child is engaging in self-harm, or is having thoughts about death or dying

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