Parent Coaching

Compassionate Healing Parent Coaching

Raising children is stressful, even though you love them. Each child is unique with a communication style that might be different from your own. Managing communications can be a challenge. Are you frustrated with your child's behavior? Maybe you're unsure how to support them in managing their emotions or facing their fears. You might even be struggling to control your temper, so you decided to search for a therapist to get some emotional support.

If your child is struggling at school or having trouble adjusting because of a divorce or trying to heal from a traumatic event, it can be a great struggle for you, as their parent as well. Instead of figuring out how to take care of it all on your own, you can get parent coaching. At Compassionate Healing, our therapists help with parent coaching tailored to you and your child using evidence-based parenting strategies and skills.

Our therapists can help you improve your connection with your child. Parent coaching helps you manage the delicate balance between love and structure. We work with diverse families, including blended families, stepparents, foster care families, LGBTQ+ families, adopted, and single-parent families.

Compassionate Healing provides parent coaching approaches with Parent-Child Interaction Therapy (PCIT), an evidence-based family-centered treatment approach for abused and at-risk children and their caregivers, birth parents, adoptive parents, or foster caregivers. Your therapist is there to coach parents while they interact with their children. We teach caregivers strategies to promote positive behaviors in disruptive children with behavior problems.

Parent coaching teaches effective parenting techniques to improve the quality of the parent-child relationship. Our Parent Management Training (PMT) helps you deal with ADHD symptoms and develop a positive parenting style. We also offer Incredible Years parent coaching, a series of evidence-based programs for parents, children, and teachers to prevent and treat children's behavior problems and promote social, emotional, and academic competence.

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