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Regina Matatov, Psy.D

Dr. Regina Matatov is a post-doctoral clinician providing individual psychotherapy and hypnotherapy to adolescents and adults of any age, treating a wide range of traumas, disorders, stressors, etc. Dr. Matatov is also happily working with couples in therapy, assisting with a wide range of marital/domestic/relational issues.


Dr. Matatov possesses a BA in Biology & Psychology, MS in Industrial Organizational Psychology and has also completed her Doctorate degree in Clinical Psychology (PsyD). Dr. Matatov has also completed extensive training and practice in clinical hypnotherapy and holds a National Board-Certified Clinical Hypnotist certification. Dr. Matatov has a passion for research in Sleep Disturbances and is working on publishing her dissertation on Sleep Paralysis.


Dr. Matatov practices an eclectic style of treatment modalities and firmly believes that therapy must be intricately tailored to meet the needs of the persons seeking it. Dr. Matatov understands that therapy can be a difficult journey, and aims to provide a trusting, confidential, judgment-free environment where her patients can express themselves to the fullest in order to visibly see and deeply feel the brilliant rewards of therapy.

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