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When should I seek therapy?

You do not have to wait until something is “wrong” to seek therapy. As with any medical issue, prevention and maintenance of your health and well-being are key.  You can seek therapy when you notice there are areas of your life that you would like to improve, when you are feeling down, anxious or stuck, or if you’d like to work through things that are bothering you from the past or in current situations.  ​

Here is a list of reasons you may want to seek therapy:

  • You do not feel like yourself

  • You feel angry, scared, sad, hopeless…all/most of the time

  • You are using/abusing alcohol, food, shopping, sex…to cope

  • You feel anxious or irritable on a regular basis

  • You have experienced a significant loss

  • You are experiencing difficulties due to a break-up, divorce, or separation

  • You have experienced a traumatic event that still impacts you

  • You keep thinking about something from the past that is still bothering you

  • You are having a hard time adjusting to a life transition

  • You are having difficulties in your daily functioning and habits (sleeping, eating, working)

  • Your feel out of control and your feelings are negatively impacting your home life, relationships, and work life.

  • Your friends/family/co-workers have expressed concerns about you

  • You have thoughts of death and dying that are troubling to you

  • You are in an unhealthy relationship that is negatively impacting your emotional health and safety

  • You want to break unhealthy patterns in your relationships

  • You are engaging in self-injurious behaviors

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