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Parent Coaching

Are you frustrated that your child rarely does what he/she is told? Are you unsure how to support your child in managing his/her emotions or facing his/her fears? Are you struggling to control your temper when your child pushes your buttons? Are you worried that your child isn't getting the support he/she needs at school? Are you overwhelmed about how to help your child overcome adversity, adjust after your divorce, or heal from a traumatic event?

Even with all the love in the world, raising children is stressful. Each child has their own unique temperament, sensitivities, likes/dislikes, and communication style, which may be similar to or different from your own. Managing those differences (and sometimes even the similarities!) between you and your child can prove to be quite challenging. 

The truth is that our society doesn't offer much formal education on parenting or even on child development! This leaves parents to figure it out "on the job" so to speak, with our own upbringings acting as our primary model of what to do, or what not to do.

At Compassionate Healing, our therapists provide parenting guidance as well as live, in-session coaching that allows us to tailor evidence-based parenting strategies and skills to you and your child's unique personalities and needs. Our  therapists will help you improve your connection with your child, and manage the delicate balance between love/warmth and appropriate discipline/structure. 

We work with all family constellations, including blended families and stepparents, kinship and foster care families, LGBTQ+ families, families of color, families created through adoption, and single-parent families.

Parent Coaching approaches include:

  • Parent-Child Interaction Therapy (PCIT)

  • Parent Management Training (PMT)

  • Incredible Years

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